The Digital Dive
This was one of the first digital illustrations I did. This piece was for a self-portrait assignment in university.
The class was tasked with visually representing ourselves. With Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and my Logitech mouse — not a digital drawing tablet— I showed what inside of me looked like. I had challenges, but just as much joy going through the process of completing this assignment — it was more than that, but was a spark.
As my educators before, this professor brought me to a realization, and another level of love for creation. 
The year is 2018, and Best Buy is the place to be — electronics and technology galore — watches, phones, computers, and more. I entered wanting a laptop and leaving with a drawing tablet on the side (after begging my mom it was a worthwhile purchase of $ 90 USD) — the Wacom Intuos Draw. It was just the perfect thing to kickstart my digital illustration path. 
Piece after art piece, although The "King Rah Production" illustration came about from a joke, it made me feel less like a digital artist imposter. I felt it was and still is a good piece that needed a highlight. 
This is the current advancement of my digital art journey— the next progression. Move over Wacom Intuos Draw, and hello Wacom Intuos PRO! The journey is ever-proceeding, and the chapter never-ending.
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